Why can't I find a product online that I saw in a store?
Availability, pricing and stock might vary between stores and our website. If you see a product in a store, it might not be available online, and vice versa. However, we’re working to have all of the products you see in our stores available online in the near future.
The product I would like is out of stock. Will it be coming back in stock?
While we try our best to have everything you need and want in stock, sometimes items become discontinued, sell out, or sometimes we stop selling them. We can’t guarantee if or when an out-of-stock item will be available again, but please check the site later to see if an item is back in stock, or to see if we sell a similar item. Of course, you can always call us to see if the product you would like is available in store.
The product I would like is currently out of stock. Can I backorder it?
We do our best to keep core products in supply, and yes you can create a backorder by sending us email on, also You can check back anytime to see if the item is in stock, or you can check with our local store to see if they carry the product in store or not.
The product I would like is not coming back in stock. Can I special order it?
If a product is out of stock and not coming back, you can place a special order by calling Customer Service anytime at +965 90090703 or sending email on









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